Good Meal at the R&S

So today I went to R&S Family Restaurant and had the “Bacon & Sausage Cheese Burger”. It was 2 breakfast sausage patties, 2 kinds of cheese, onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato with teriyaki sauce on a bun. It came with steak fries. As well being on the special it had beef soup to start.

Well the soup was one of the best cups of beef soup I have ever had. The bugler it’s self was divine. With the price of $13.99 it was a good deal for Moose Jaw as well. Most places would be charging $16.99 for the same thing and it would not be as big or have half the fries this came with. With coffee it was still less than $17. Being that most places coffee is around the $3 mark now – coffee there is also a great deal.

The place is a lot on the country side of things and the average person that goes there is working class people and not “fancy folks”, so I fit in well. They have a bottomless cup of coffee but now and then I have only had 2 cups and they stopped coming around, but often I end up with 4 or more cups.

At lunch and dinner, the place is packed so you might have to stand there and wait for a table or end up going some other place. On the off hours they are not that busy at all and it’s easy to get a seat. It’s a bit out of the way on the highway but it’s a quick stop for gas and food and right next door to a low to mid range place to sleep for the night.

I saw a super special on the wall as well while we where there. Seem this Thursday there will be a $2.99 breakfast special that comes WITH coffee. This is awesome, but I won’t be showing up for that, I am at the end of my fun money and still need a few things for Christmas dinner and so on – so I must save my money. In any event, it was a great trip out and I had a good talk with my friend and a spectacular meal at a reasonable price.


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