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 I'm not a plumber or anything but this might need to be replaced soon. I'm waiting to hear someone say there was a flood in the laundry room. It looks like in the last 10 years the other fittings have been replaced but the one here on the sink in there seems to be deeply in need of replacing. I mean they have fixed other things before the failed, so I have not one clue why this is not being looked at.
Toffifee is what this is. It's from the Co-op and you get it this time of year for $2 when you get a fill of gas. I don't drive so obviously it was given to me. Being a not so wise person who is having a Fibro flair the last 3 days I figured "hell can't make it much worse, it already hurts like hell" and took it. Sugar is one of my triggers - but for some reason it only triggers a flair about 40% of the time, most of the time I get away with it - so I'm gambling on it. If in 2 hours I'm laying in bed asking God to kill me - I know why...

I had a brownie the size of my head one time and though "It's diabetic friendly so I'm safe". NOPE evidently artificial sweetener does me in as well. So I can't win at all.

All I can say is I am happy as hell that coffee does not trigger me, because evidently it's a trigger for MOST people with Fibro. Trust me I spent most of my life drinking 12 to 16 cups of it a day - so if it triggered me it would have long ago.

On a sad note, citric fruits trigger it big time. So no more cooking with lemons or lime - lime is literally 10X worse then lemon BTW - and fake lemon I can still use.

Anyway - I'ma lay down a while now, I've been sitting up way too long. Have a good one.


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