A Bump in the Path (Weight Loss Blog)

As I expected the 2 Pizza's I had and the numerous bits of junk food (an entire bad of cookies among it) has bit me in the ass this week. Yes I know I am weighing in a day early, but of well not like it will be much difference.

Got to NOT have massive cheats next week just little ones. My goal for the month (purge month) was 15 lbs and I don't know if this is possible now that I blow it this week. Still, if I keep on track at leas 10 lbs show be off by the end of the month. We will know on the 29th won't we. At that time I'll post the log as I do now and then and a bit of a note with it.

Last Week I was down 5.6 lbs - this was amazing and unexpected - sigh. If I would have stuck with it, I'd have been most of the way to my goal for the month already. But we all slip and fall now and then. It's the fact that we stand up and keep going that matters, not the falls.

Christmas day will be a bit of a bump but it's the reason I set 15 not 20 as a goal for the Purge month. Believe it or not, this is not actually that good for you to keep up for more than a month at a time, so I'll be back to normal after this for some time.

Yes you can eat Vegan or Vegetarian and be healthy, but not at this low a calorie intake for a person my size and age. It's why you need the cheats once a week as well - so your body does not reset the metabolism and then you get sick.

Dropping fast is never that good for you and should be done in short stages like this. Maybe twice a year do the purge thing. In any event you also want to keep moving around, if you just sit there watching TV it's worse for you.

Being that I am not able to do much exercise I just walk in the basement of my building at night when everyone else is not around (not tell me what was wrong with that line of text).

As well I have to say it's very easy to put on weight fast and hard to drop it off again for most of us. Yes there are some who actually can lose great deals of weight in a short time and not harm themselves, but for most of us this is not possible.

Keep on the path fellow travelers of the weight loss journey and keep smiling.


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