Movie Ratings (October)

Sky (2015) (4/5)
Most won't like this movie.

The Viel (2016) (4/5)
Could have been better.

The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) (3/5)
Better than I expected.

Dead Silence (2007) (4/5)
wort watching.

The Finest Hours (2016) (5/5)
I think a lot of people would like this one.

The Revenant (2015) (4/5)
Expected more out of it but well worth the time.

Dead Man Walking (1995) (4/5)
This is a classic, pure and simple.

The Witch (2015) (5/5)
Kind of a cult classic in the making, most won't like it as much.

Burying the Ex (2014) (4/5)
LOL. Really just LOL.

Lolita (1962) (5/5)
Disturbing movie. This is not the original but the better of them. Deals with a man having a sexual relationship with a young girl.

Flutter (2011) (5/5)
I love this crazy kind of stuff. I am sure as well half the people reading this won't.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) (5/5)
For once Hollywood did something right.

Most Likely to Die (2015) (1/5)
Just skip it. You won't get threw this. Not even to make fun of how bad it is. I want this part of my life back.

Blue Valentine (2010) (4/5)
well could have been better but I really enjoyed it.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) (4/5)
well worth the time to watch this one. But I am sure some would be offended.

Full Metal Jacket (1987) (5/5)
Classic movie. Makes a strong point. Actually it makes several of them.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) (5/5)
LOL and WOW. This is just an altogether epic movie.

King of the Zombies (1941) (5/5)
OMG is this NOT P.C. But it's funny to see it.

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) (5/5)
Classic. One of my Dads all time favorite movies and one of mine as well.

Amanda Knox (2016) (4/5)
It's a documentory and well done.

The Invitation (2015) (5/5)
Most people will give this a 2. But I am really not most people. I enjoyed the mind game this was.

Holy Hell (2016) (2/5)
Almost complete suckage but not tottaly.

The Mexican (2001) (4/5)
Had low expectrations but it worked it for me.

Deadpool (2016) (5/5)
OMG Yes - just see this. Really.

Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2 (2016) (5/5)
Cult movie. This was epic in a more intellectual humour kind of way but still funny to most people.

Airport 1970 (1970) (1/5)
So bad it's worth it.

Airport 1975 (1974) (1/5)
So bad it's worth it.

Airport 1977 (1977) (1/5)
So bad it's worth it.

The Concorde... Airport '79 (1979) (1/5)
So bad it's worth it.

Bone Tomahawk (2015) (4/5)
I am not sure why I liked it this much. Most people I know panned it.

When Animals Dream (2014) (5/5)
Most won't like this movie.

X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time (2015) (1/5)
Expected it to suck and it was worse.


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