The Fun That Is Bryce

Bryce 7.1 Pro is a hell of a cool program and they offered a scaled down version for free years ago and I got it. Then they offered the Pro version for free to registered customers and I got it. It is no longer free, but it is only $20. This is a highly popular program and has a massive amount of content available for it. It is also compatible with exported content from many other programs like Poser. Now I do have the next to latest version of poser and more than likely will never get a newer one unless I come into some cash in the future or have managed to against all odds save a bunch of money.

Bryce is very easy to learn how to use and in fact I figured it out with no assistance from tutorials at all. I have managed over the years to get some spectacular images out of it, most of these being kind of abstracts known as 3D abstracts (like the one in the screen shot).

My big concern for a six year old program that is no longer being updated and does not seem to be a new version coming out ever, is that one day Windows will update and POOF it will no longer be compatible with Windows. After all I just finished complaining the other day that there was an update and my Card Reader in my four year old PC no longer works. Sigh. So many things I used to relay enjoy using can't be run on W 10. So... It's a matter of time.


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