Wondering About Wasted Money And The Disability Housing Supplement

OK so the government funds a person to go all over Saskatchewan and take then post photos. This is to show how wonderful it is here. The reality that it looks exactly like several other provinces seems to be lost on them to say the least. The other problem is, education, health care and the disabled get to "hold the line" with cut backs and the lack of proper funding, while this person gets to play with a camera on the tax payers dime. This is literally a 1 year term dream job with about no point to it at all. Is there a wonder why the Sask government has managed to spend twice what they budget was supposed to be? Then to same money we must cut funding to the poorest and most vulnerable of the people in the province. This literally fills me with shame that I voted for these people. The biggest joke of them all being when the then social services minister said they would give budget training to the people who where effected by deep cuts to the SAID program. This after they spent twice what they where supposed to spend.

Then after people like myself are forced into places like I am living now (under the Moose Jaw Housing Authority) they cut the Disability Housing Supplement because in places like this they only charge $363 for rent and that is all that SAID gives for rent. BTW the trigger point to get the $207 in subsidy for needing to be in a disabled friendly housing unit is $364. So tell me this is NOT planned. They give you $363 and the trigger point is $1 more than that. All the subsidised housing units in Sask will only charge the amount of rent that your Tier allows you (I am in Tier C and it's $363). In ever case the housing that we where driving into charges that $1 less than the trigger point.

The big joke here is that they threaten to take away the Disability Housing Supplement if you do not move into lower rent housing. Being that unless it is subsidised housing like mine, there is no way in hell you are going to pay less rent than I was paying and be in a safe environment. Literally I was at the bottom of the pile paying $650 a month for a small one room apartment. I looked all over the city and in other cities as well (online that is) and the prices did not go any lower than where I was, so I moved in here after applying for housing. Then I called them as I was supposed to do after I moved and they laid this one on me. The kick is, if they charged $1 more then I would still get the $207. Being that the government sets what the Housing Authority can charge a SAID client for rent, this is a rigged system.

So tell me how someone paying $1 out of pocket for rent needs the $207 more than I do? For that matter there are people who depended on that money for medication and medical supplies that are not covered. These unfortunate people have to take it out of the food budget instead now. This leaves them needing the food bank and eating food that is not all that great for their health. It almost seams that they are trying to cause us to decline in health some days. After all for a number of people on SAID this is exactly what will happen.


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