Facebook Your App Is Getting More Annoying

So that "New Stories" thing used to show up at the top and annoyed the hell out of me. Now it's in the middle of the page and more than a LOT annoying. The thing is, I never want to see this thing and there is no need for it in my mind. I'm NOT done reading the posts down here yet and when I am I will go back up and read more of them. If click the thing the posts all change because Facecrap thinks they know what I want to see more than I do for some reason. The other thing is 96% of the time (or more) it's not new, it's something I just shared or something I have seen before that someone commented on. Well I don't give a crap that someone commented on some post that is not mine. The other thing is, let me set the preference for this silly app to "most recent". See I don't care what you think is important, I want to see it all. But there is the rub - I don't see it all. I go to someone's page and look 13 minutes ago they posted something and it's not in my feed even though I want it ALL to show up. The thing here is, if they are on my list, I want to see their stuff (all of it) or they would NOT be on my list. So for Faceplant to tell me what I want to see is annoying as shit. I am here in interact with all my friends not just the ones who post the most and that get the most attention on their posts. But that is how this works these days, if someone gets more attention than someone else they show up in my feed and the sometimes more important to me post does not show up at all. See I rely on the app most of the time as I can't sit at the computer most of the time - it's just to hard on my body to do that. People have been screaming for a long time now for the ability to have Most Recent with ease instead of having that option well hidden in the menus. But like most big companies they literally think it's their job to tell the user what they should enjoy. But when I am on the PC using Facebook I would like the ability to take a photo or go live with my webcam - see you used to be able to and now we can't. All the while useless features and crap abound. For example I wish to GOD this thing that wants me to recommend edits to local pages would literally FUCK OFF. It shows up every few days saying "your edits have been approved" and wants me to do more. Well it's been six months and I have not made any edits in that time, yet somehow I keep getting edits approved. My only guess is that I am doing this editing in my SLEEP or something. Oh well it's free and only gives me about 1% advertising instead of 70% like some of these so called news sites do.


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