And Once Again Windows Breaks Hardware

Yuppers; I told it to delay updating for 2 hours, turned around and went to pee - came back and this was on the screen. So either I time warped in the can or windows literally ignores you when you say DELAY it 2 hours. So it does it usual crap and then I get my desktop back - no sign of the 30 minutes of editing I did of course, but I got my desktop back... My work being sent to hell aside, I took the card out of my camera and stuffed it into the card reader. Well it worked this morning, but not now. Sigh...

So now they finally, after many updates allow the web cam to work again and they killed my card reader. Good thing is I have a USB 3 plugin card reader. Turns out it works literally 5 times faster than the one in the PC tower. So I will just keep using it. Hell it's like $7 to replace if it dies. But the thing is, why does Windows break something every time it updates. The webcam was a real LOL because it no longer worked with Skype. Guess who owns Skype? Yup... Micro$oft. But I can Skype again - so bonus.

Got to wonder what is next to be on the killed list, the Bluray rive, the hard drive, the video card, my external hard drive... Or maybe even breaking the webcam again.

You want to do something really nice for me Micro$oft give me a comparability mode that will allow me to play Castle of the Winds again. I mean, really - it's the only fun game ever made if you ask me. Well at least I can play Dink Smallwood as someone re-made the game in "HD mode". Wait a moment... Did not one of the before we force you to upgrade things say there would be MORE backward comparability now? Sigh... That happened.

BTW since day 1 I have had an issue where I will be working away (normally typing) and all the sudden the program I am using goes into the background for literally no reason. It does not even pop anything up to the front, it just puts what ever I am doing in the background and I have to grab the mouse and click it again. Sigh. This is the stupidest bug I have ever seen. It seems to be a hell of a lot worse when I am using Chrome, but it has done it for literally ever program I own, including OFFICE. In fact it did it while I was typing this up.

But it will if you have more than one thing open now and then switch tasks for no reason as well. More than often I put notes into a TXT file and have it open in the background. Next thing you know it's in front instead of the browser or what ever else I was using. It seems to REALLY like to put notepad in front. In fact it seems to be 300 times as likely to do it with notepad.

While I am at it, lets talk about the lightning fast boot to desktop. Well it's a trick. You see the desktop shows but you can't do anything with it for a while. If you click something nothing will happen. If you try to open a folder the best that will happen is about 40 or 50 seconds after the desktop pops up it will actually open. So this boot time is not actually faster if you count to the point where you can run apps and so on.

Oh and why the HELL does the desktop still blink now and then. This started in windows 95 and ran all the way threw to 10. Not to mention it got way worse in 10. In the others you had to have a crap pile of things running at the time for the blink to happen. In 10 all you have to do is stare at the desktop long enough. It literally seems to be re-building the desktop and task bar. Why the hell would it be doing that? Some said to go in the registry and crank up the refresh rate all the way - did that, half an hour later BLINK.

Oh and after this last update, it seems to NOT always show the boot screen I told it to show - instead 3/4 of the time it's some rock by the sea or something. Well if it just up and replaced it, this would make sense, but 1/4 of the time when I boot - it shows the one I told it to use. WOWSERS. How the heck does that even happen?

"Comes with state of the art ant-virus" - LOL. OK all kidding aside, there is almost no exploit protection or boot scanning on Defender... Not to mention it has just about the lowest catch rate of any anti-virus tested. Most of the "free" ones are better.

I say "free" because they nag you to upgrade or they have extremely limited functionality. BTW Bitdefender is about the best but holly crap is it expensive. But "box" is the coolest thing ever - it's hardware between you and the net and software. But yeah - $199 USD - a year...

Anyhoo - I am not a pod person willing to sell my soul for enough money to get an under-powered Mac though, so I guess I will live with this thing. I tell you if I could run all my stuff on Ubuntu I'd be out of here. But I have many things that ONLY are supported on windows.

Dang I want to play Castle of the Winds...


  1. Windows 7 will be my last windows, I will stay for as long as I possibly can.


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