When Good People Fall For Bullshit

I am rather wondering how some of you have fallen for a certain person on YouTube. You watch his videos and give him nice comments like he is NOT a literal psychopath.

This is a man who has made openly racist video and has spent a great deal of time openly trolling people like Elijah (Drax Shadow), saying that he is a scam and his parents should stop begging for money. He has personally told me I should kill myself. Fine I'm an adult and can just walk away - but to go after a child with cancer in that manner is just reprehensible and still you watch him.

Not only is it obvious that he has gone after many disabled people on YouTube but it is also obvious that he is racist, abusive and alcoholic. Yet you still watch this man and act like he is such a nice fellow.

This is a man that has openly said people who can't afford health care should die. This is a man who has said that there is no excuse for anyone to not work, when we all know many can't. A man who has often said bad things about Blacks and Islamic people in his videos. Sure he ends up sobering up and deleting them the next day. But it has happened so many times that you must have seen it.

I don't understand that good, honest and caring people still watch this phyco and still act like he is a decent human. Are you literally blind? You are fooled by his smiling face and dancing around and the nice outdoor videos? Or is it that you just don't care how cruel and sadistic he has been to not only me but to sick and dying children?

I literally don't understand this.

It's the same thing with the Trump thing. How can anyone in their right mind think he is not an abusive profoundly mentally ill person who craves attention at all cost?

I guess I will never know the answers.


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