So Your Child Is Better Because He Is Catholic?

Yeah OK. I'ma go out and vote for you. Sigh... I think not. You child is no better than anyone else's child. Because they go to Catholic school does not make them superior in any way. Sure there is a bit less discipline in public schools, but this does not make them any different than your kids. I know for a fact that bad things happen between kids in both school systems. When you start to teach your kids that they are better than others, then they grow up to be assholes who only take and give nothing to society. It makes me wonder what your point of view to the vast majority of Moose Jaw people is? Being that most of us are not Catholic. Do you think we are not worth as much? Do you think we are less human? Do you think that the Catholics should get special treatment the rest of us do not get? It makes me wonder with this attitude if you are just in this to gain something for yourself or to get more for "your kind" in some way. This is not how you represent people. This is how you become a user of the system. One last though, I will pray that God leads your heart to a better place - you need his help.


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