God I Hope This Is Not Real (SATIRE)

So I looked at this paper I am getting in my mailbox for literally no reason and it had this in it. Well I live in Moose Jaw. Someone tell me this is fake. Really please... If this is real, it only goes to show how far gone we are to the fundamentalist hoard that is milling around here telling people why they are going to hell. Anyone with a rational mind would never go to a place like this in the first place, so the people it will attract will be a hell of a thing to see. All the bible toting folks with 14 kids dressed in their best 24/7. Not that I am intolerant of that sort of thing. After all God loves them even if they are not Gay. So I guess I have to love them too. But I can't help but think it will be a negative influence on the moral fibre of the city.


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