5 Hours For Maintenance?

So at 2:25 am I stop watching Netflix and wonder how the bandwidth is doing for the month so far. I hit Shaw's web page and get this. So I go to bed. I wake up at 4:40 am (ish) and check it again - still down. Being it went down for maintenance at midnight, I got to wonder how long it takes them to do backups and so on and get this thing back up. I mean WOW at least 5 hours it seems.

But it was for not, as I am nowhere near my limit for some strange reason. I been processing my vlogs before upload and they tend to only be 1/3 the size so the upload side of things is way down. Still I been hitting at least two hours a day on Netflix and watching more YouTube than ever, so I assumed I would end up being over the 150 mark by now, but NOPE.

Then again the most I ever had was less than 200 GB and that was when I dumped 68 GB to the cloud in a week. So... Who knows. Guess I am safe with my 300 GB limit. I would hate to have to switch to Sasktel as they have only an 800 K upload speed at the price range I would be looking at. This would mean a 5 or 6 hour upload time on average. No thanks.


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