Halloween Candy I HATED As A Kid

 Some SJW Twat always handed this out when I was a kid. This is NOT candy and you should have your house egged into the stone age for this.
 Also one Twat would have these things to hand out. First, they SUCK - Second it's months old and you got it on sale. You SUCK.
 OK this is a special hell. Candy corn is literally some kind of plastic I think. It tastes like plastic and feel like I'm chewing a pen in my mouth.
 This is exactly the same as Candy Corn, just plastic in a different shape and colour.
 This is actually the bottom of the pile, but I don't feel like moving the photo to the end. Circus Peanuts are foam insulation with a slight bit of sugar in them. No candy ever had more SUCK than this shit.
 I got no idea what this shit was or who made it. I just know it tasted like some kind of powdered milk experiment gone WRONG.
 Literally who thinks this is good? Oh wait most people did - so traded this shit for real candy. Even as a child I HATED McD's.
 Literally this is Chalk. Enough said...
 Again some SJW THAT would hand out dried fruit. Sigh.
What can I say, this tasted like wax.


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