11 Reasons Why I Pay a Subscription for Office 365 Rather Than Use Free Stuff

1. I use office literally almost every day of my life.
2. It's up to date all of the time with the latest apps.
3. 1TB of cloud storage (that I will never fill) for the price of $7 a month and Office comes with it.
4. It's the price of going to a coffee shop for a fancy coffee every month.
5. The free stuff is NOT compatible all the time with Office and Office is the standard with most places.
6. I can log into my account from some other persons computer and use the apps from the cloud. There are 10 apps in the cloud.
7. It's on my PC and I don't have to be online to use it (a lot of people think you need to log in online - that is a myth).
8. Really large amount of templates on the net for free. Don't matter what I want to do there is literally a template for that.
9. It's really easy to learn. Not only is it rather intuitive, but there are a lot of places on the net you can get videos and tutorials on how to use Office more effectively.
10. I can share documents with anyone out there who has office threw OneDrive. I do this at least once a month.
11. Can save as a PDF with no add on needed.


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