Sing (A Poem)

David S. Nicholson
Oct 27, 2016

There are words in the changing of the seasons.
There are songs in the branches of the trees.
There are dreams in the eyes of the dead.
There are desires in the hearts of the many.

A dog has more hope of seeing the beauty of the day than a man.
A cat knows more of this world than most people will ever know.
A bird knows more freedom from its cage than most of us.
A horse bears its labours well, while we only grumble.

There is no wisdom in things.
There is no wisdom in money.
There is no wisdom in anger.
There is no wisdom in fear.

Joy is what we want and most don’t find.
Joy is what a child knows and his father has lost.
Joy is what brings a smile to an old woman.
Joy is what comes with peace.

Sing for the candle light.
Sing for the dreams you lost.
Sing for the tomorrows that might not come.
Sing for the light of dawn.


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