Dear Facebook App Programmers

Dead Facebook App Programmers: Do you want to know how you can vastly improve my experience of using your app? Well take that blue bubble with "New Stories" and remove it from existence. It keeps popping up over and over and over and I never want it. I am scrolling down. When I am done scrolling down I will then go back up and scroll down to where I started out. 98% of the time when I do click the dang thing it shows me something I just finished sharing. Well ya know... I just shared that so I know what it is, so why are you bothering me with it? The fact that nothing else new happened is lost on this dang app.

The other thing is I would love for you do take the "Top Stories" and hide them some place I will never find them. I have to go looking to find the "Most Recent" as it is hidden in sub-menus. I always want Most Recent. I never want Top Stories. I also would LOVE to see all the content I am supposed to be getting. Even if I do go hunting for the most recent, I end up not seeing everything people post. This filtering of content for me is ridiculous. If I don't want things from someone, I will unfollow them or unlike the page. It is annoying to no end to see that someone has posted something I would like to have seen but I only see it 4 days later.

Another thing is why are people I am not friends with now able to like or dislike or LOL at a post I shared now just because one of my friends liked it or commented? Get lost with that. If I wanted them on my posts they would be my friends. For that matter get lost with recommending people from my past I never cared to see again anyway.

Well at least it seems to have stopped the never ending reposting of something I posted a week ago crap. Man what the hell was with that? Oh wait it did it before as well, so it is likely to come back again in the future. Sigh.

Want some cool ideas? How about the ability to bold a few words of text here or there... Yuppers - and I see I can't remove a thumbnail from a link now. Sigh... So it pics the thumbnail of some random ad on the page that has a boob in it and POOF TOS violation. Sigh... Then I have to remove the link or face Facebook jail...

BTW what version of the app is this now? 68,402?


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