Directed Marketing You Say

So advertising on sites like Instagram and Facebook are directed marketing. This is to say that they are supposed to be advertising for things you are interested in. They read your cookies and look at hour history and so on to see what you have looked up. Google takes this one step further and collects massive amounts of data on your interests if you are using Chrome and so on. Well I do use Chrome and I am logged into it the entire time. So being that the adverts on both of these sites are driven by analytics like that, I wonder why the shit I keep getting My Little Pony ads on Instagram. I have literally no interest in them and have never looked them up. In fact the single only time I have mentioned them was in a comment on a Vlog over on YouTube a couple of years ago. Yet they just keep coming... Before this, it was high end cars for the most part. Not owned a car in ten years or driven one in that time. Oh well. Ghosts in the machine I guess. Then again YouTube has been recommending nude body painting videos for months now. Got about no interest in that as well.


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