Best Facebook Post I have Seen Yet

Just can't say it any better than this myself. The ability to be a person of peace and a loving caring individual can come from any background. To hate someone because others of their group is not so nice, is seriously stupid in my mind. I know people from many religions and many who do not think there is a God at all. We have one thing in common, not one of us thinks we are better than the others. We share, we care and we give willingly. This is how to build a better tomorrow, not by force or the arrogance of saying "I'm right and you are not".

I have to add that most of the people I hang out with have literally given their last dollar to others at times - I know I have. Some days it was way more important for someone else I did not even know to have $5 I was going to spend on a bag of chips than it was for me to have them chips. This is the measure of a good person in my mind and in the minds of most I know.


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