A New Home At Temple Towers In Moose Jaw

 This is a look at me standing outside in the parking lot. The building is 11 floors tall including the 1st floor that is a common aria with places to socialise and some wheel chair accessible apartments. I am on the 2nd floor.
Here I am sitting at the computer in the living room having a cup of coffee. 
 The poor flowers in the back and out in front of the building won't last long in the cold weather we are having. It's a shame they where nice to look at.
 There is a court yard out front with a BBQ for special events and lots of seating a couple of tables. It's very nice to sit out there and get some fresh air and watch the world go past.
 The back door. What can I say, it's a door LOL. This is the best place to get picked up or dropped off by friends or a cab. It's also the way to get to the recycling bin and the trash bin.
 This is inside my bathroom and I can sit on the thrown and watch vlogs while I do my task LOL.
 Living room view from by the window. You can see the a hansom man on the computer screen. 
 Living room from the kitchen. My TV and recliner. It's a good thing I don't have many things to fill the space up. It would look cluttered with more stuff I think.
 Small kitchen, thank God there is storage in the wall to the left of the shot or there would be no place to put canned goods at all. I generally don't have a lot of money and tend to buy canned goods a lot. Most important feature is Pusheen on the fridge.
 The bedroom, excuse the unmade bed but I don't care to make it EVER LOL. It's just the right size but it seems to be 5 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment for some reason. My only complaint is it does get cool in here at night.
 Entry way to the apartment. I need to hang a sign on the door every morning before 9am or they come knocking to see if I am still OK. It's called the "I'm OK buddy system". With my health problems and the number of times a month I fall over, this is a good thing.
 The bathroom is a bit small but I am getting used to not having a vanity and/or storage under the sink. I like having grab bars as it's hell for me to stand up some times.
 I love this, it's a night light that is wired into the building. You can turn it on and off with a switch on the wall. It's just enough light to find the bathroom easy at night.
 Storage room. It does not look that big in the photo but it's actually bigger than the one I had in the last apartment. There is also a plug in there if you have a small freezer.
 Your stuff makes it home. Here is my movie cabinet with my DVD's and my pride flag. The photo on the left is Mom and my Aunt as children. The mug is older than I am and was made for my Dad. It's the oldest thing I own.
 The laundry room. It's a big one and we don't need coins to use it. There are many washers and driers and we can use 2 at a time although now that I don't need coins I will use it more often so I will only be using 1 most of the time. There is a room to sit and read off the room but I watch Netflix in there on my phone as no one else stays down there and there is an open WiFi.


  1. Looks like a nice place you moved to.

    1. I love it and it's DEAD quiet at night. I have slept well every night but 1 since I moved in. The last place I can count on 1 hand how many times I did that in 6 years LOL.

  2. Free laundry? that ought to take a little pressure off you

    1. Saves like $24 a month. Don't need to stack up the washing for a full load any more... Yup it's a good thing. Hell some people will go and toss a comforter in the drier for a few min - just to be toasty warm at bed time...


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