And This Is Why I Got Blinds

Well what can I say? There is these lights in the parking lot outside my windows and wowsers are they annoying at night. So I done got me some blinds. Even with the blinds it's to the point where you can see what you are doing in here at night with the lights out. But it's way better for sleeping with them closed. With them open you can actually read by the light. I can't wait for me friend to come over and put up the one on the big window in the living room so that I can shut our even more light. I have to close the bedroom door at night because of all the light washing in from the big window in the living room. Sure he wants $15 to put them up, but hell it's OK because they wanted that for the people they would have sent to do it here.  So I thought, mite as well give the money to someone I know. After all it's not hard to do, but I can't get up on a chair and I can't work with my hands up long enough to screw it into the extremely hard wood they have over the windows. So I will gladly pay to have it done. As well, it's too high up to do it standing on the floor. I had to pay $68 and change for this big blind in the living room though. But oh well, wally world did not have one big enough so I went with Amazon. The blind is a 2 inch as well and the one that is going to be beside it is a 1 inch and it will look a bit strange, but I don't care. I just want to be able to shut out the light and have the ability to run around naked and so on. So anyways, one of these days soon I will have it up... Have a good one all.


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