Cast Iron And The LIP

Last night people of Moose Jaw voted on the resolution to kill the LIP funding model for the cast iron water pipes that need replacing. Lets not bother with the fact that this should have been done 30 years ago, but with what it means to Moose Jaw if the LIP was to stay intact.

Well the first thing you have to know it that it would put the price of funding this massive project on the owners of houses that had the line in front of them replaced. This means that ONLY the effected arias of town would have been hit with a large increase in money owed each year to the city. This also means that in the less affluent locations that are more likely to have the need for replacement, these people would be faced with the possibility of losing their homes over this.

Driving poor families and old folks from their home and possibly out of the city is in my mind abominable. The fact that %20.73 of the people who bothered to vote for or against the resolution where all for the LIP makes me question the motives of these people.

But instead of just saying they all wanted to screw over the poor so that they did not get a slight increase in taxes and instead they just did not understand the question. This leaves us with either a bunch of people who more than likely should not have been driving their cars or a bunch of people who would screw over others in order to save a few bucks. My guess it's it's both, some did not get it and some just wanted to force a massive increase in what would basically be a tax on people.

This being known for generations as the friendly city I am glad that this resolution passed with almost %80. But the number of people willing to screw others leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

* Screen shot from the City Web Page.


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