Going out for coffee is a thing I love to do and I enjoy my time with the people I go out with. The thing is, we tend to almost always get seated in a part of the cafe that is very hard for me to get in and out of.

The tables in this spot are crammed together and there is little to no room for me to get past others. If there is people behind where I want to sit, there is literally no way for me to get in or out. I have in the past actually ended up trapped in the spot and had to hold off going to the bathroom because of it.

Sure I could get my friend to stand up so I could get out, but for him to do so is a great task because of his level of disability at this time. So I tend to just hold it until the people behind me leave. We always outlast them after all. We spend hours there and most people just eat and go in a rush.

By the time we are done there are very little people left, so I can get out no problem. But I wish to God we could reserve a seat or something without a cost to us.

I have recommended other places, but the friend who organizes these outings only likes to go to this one place. So I manage.


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