I have YouTube music on all my devices now and will at the start of next month have it as my paid streaming service. The paid allows me to use the app in the background while I do other things on the phone or tablet. It also allows me to share without it stopping play and there is of course no ads. I have shopped around and Google seems to have the largest amount of songs to be browsed. Paid also allows you do download songs and albums to the device to listen offline.
 I like that it allows me to save albums so I can select one and play it all. Several of the others you have to make play lists on mass to do this.
This is an auto generated play list that is kind of good. I tend to enjoy 95% of the ones it comes up with to follow something I randomly looked up.

You can also just tell it what kind of music you want and you can bet there is an auto generated play list out there.

The only thing I'm not liking is I can't use it as my default player yet, so I can't say "hay Google, play ac/dc" and it will bring up the player. But I'm sure one of these updates it will be in the list to select.


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