Alright, tomorrow I go for coffee with the regular group. We do so enjoy our outings. I'm going to have something small to eat. Nothing big as the place is expensive as hell. But I may have a slice of pie or something with my coffee.

After getting the things I need and after a good friend sent some money, I have $65.80 to spend on myself the rest of the month and I'll be happy. I don't need fancy, I just need out of here now and then.

I am swearing not to have a big meal out for the rest of the month, but I will get some treats in now and then (not often). I was up this week, more so than I would like - so I am going to try hard to be good.

I'm almost finished with Game of Thrones. I'm on Season 7 (the current one) and have 4 episodes left to watch. Might watch 1 or 2 more today and the others tomorrow after coffee.

I am amazed actually that when I saw an episode years ago that I did not like it and passed it off. But I'm glad I decided to give it a go from the start and got very deep into the story.

In any event, I have pulled my back but it's not a bad one this time - the Robax works on it well enough to do things. Well that's about it for this day in Dave Land. You have a good one.

P.S. I saved $20 in my PayPal for my subscriptions next month. I would LOVE to have the Google Play Music in that pile of subscriptions but there is too much talk it will be taken over by some dang YouTube music player for more money - I do NOT want that, I just want a simple music streaming service - not a video service.


  1. i like google play music too. Robaxacet works well for back pains i think. glad you're going out with some friends for coffee talk, i'd love to do that with you too Dave, always love your stories. I haven't been watching GOT, I'll have to start, cause it looks awesome and I love their amazing VFX. I have an idea for a short for my channel that is GOT related...hoping to team up with an amazing VFX artist to have his work in it and film it soon with my friend Chris. Have a great weekend Dave!

    1. I'm loving the show - the VFX are actually amazing. I mean the shadow of the dragon on the rocks conforming to the shape of the rock put me in AWE of it. It all looks so realistic and seamless.


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