That moment when you get a follow on social media and it's 100% obvious that it's a fake account and you and another obviously fake account are the only ones they are following. Yup. LOL.

Got to wonder how much effort this person puts into making sure they see every last thing you do online. I mean it becomes obvious that they spend most of their time doing just that. But oh well, such is the nature of the internet.

You see people who don't work because they are far to crazy to work, have a great deal of time to be on the internet and latch onto people. I'm not alone with this by far. Others I know have people who do the same to them. It's how it goes.

See unless you literally never post anything you will more than likely eventually attract a person like this or 2 or 5. Hell even if you never post anything, you might get one LOL.

The best part is, often they will be following with several accounts. It's like the voices in their heads all have their own account. LOL. Anyway, have a good one eh.


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