Love kitty has Fibromyalgia. She uses hemp oil to help reduce the pain that is there from day to day. She also takes vitamin E for her joints. Love kitty prefers Manitoba Harvest because it's a reasonable price and has worked very well in the past.
 Love kitty was concerned when she noticed it was made from Cannabis Sativa. But she found out there is no THC in this product, so it's all good when her company wants her to pee in a cup.
 The pills are kind of big for love kitty but she manages to slide the big old gel caps down with a glass of cold refreshing water.
 Love kitty's quality of life has improved since she started to take hemp oil. She can now walk 10 times farther than she used to be able to. She can also get threw a shopping trip with almost no pain at all. Her flairs are also cut in half and not as terrible as they used to be. Now she can watch TV in her easy chair during a flair instead of laying in bed praying to God to kill her. Love kitty loves her hemp oil.


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