Steve's Music Tag

1. First record you ever bought?
Kiss - Dynasty

2. A record or CD single someone else bought for you?
Blonde – heart of glass (Mom got it for me).

3. Favorite album(s)?
Rational Youth – Heredity, Eagles – Hotel California, Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast.

4. Favorite bassist?
Bootsy Collins.

5. Favorite guitarist?
Eric Clapton.

6. Favorite singer?
Freddie Mercury.

7. All time favorite band?
Rational Youth.

8. Favorite musical movie?
Phantom of the Paradise.

9. 5 songs for your funeral?
Staying Alive, Welcome to the Jungle, Can't Stop My Heart, Being Alive, Live Another Day.

10. Favorite music genre?
Classic Rock.

11. Where do you dance / play air instruments / sing out loud?
I sing along with music at home in the middle of the night.

12. Do you play or have you tried to learn any instruments?
I tried to learn the violin and could not do it.


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