Mental note, need to order meds on Monday. Should have done it yesterday, but oh well.

I noticed today I only have 5 days worth of meds for next week, so I have to order more. Normally I order in advance just to make sure - now and then they don't have the one in and I have to wait several days. But with luck I can get them in right away on Monday.

They don't deliver on weekends you see. So I would have to go and wait for them then come home. This would require getting a ride there and I don't want to bother someone just to go get my meds when I can get delivery in 2 days.

I'm rather lucky as the one med works very well for me. Some others in the same boat as me can't stay that. They are left with the same problem as before the meds, just slightly less of it. For me, I'm nice and level and not thinking the world is out to get me or that I'm being attacked in a conversation. I can't say that of a number of people I know.

Honestly, I think if it was not for the meds, I'd be dead or in jail. I's surely be in some kind of a mess I would rather not be in. So I am very glad I don't need to constantly be saying "sorry" to people after flipping out on them.

I also have to say that years of being on disability and kind of poor has actually made me a better person. I am way more patient now and way more kind and generous. This was not so in my 20's and part way into my 30's. Then I cleaned up and tried to improve.

The last 18 or 19 years that I have been on disability have made me a lot more of a good person I have to say. So this is kind of a blessing.

In any event, thank God for good meds and kind people. Hugs all and have a good day.


  1. Well, you're better than me with meds lol. I've been out of one of mine for a few weeks and still forgot to pick it up yesterday when I was out xD

    1. If the 1 runs out I could drop dead so I don't run out. I have them so I get them all at the same time.


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