So been looking at the ads on Facebook for MS Surface and it's extras. All I can say is holly cow for price. Not only is the device it's self kind of a great deal of money for what you get, the stuff for it is vastly overpriced.

Keyboard for it is $199.99 - I mean you can get a Bluetooth keyboard for other tablets for a LOT less money.

A case with a graphic on it is $229.99 - You can get a nice case with a custom graphic of your choice for most tablets for $50 at most.

Docking Station $259.99. OK this is LITERALLY just a 2 port USB converter. You can get a nice 4 port one on Amazon for an android tablet for $20. You can also get one with a card reader and 4 ports for $35. So ya know.

Mouse $64.99 - Amazon Bluetooth mouse is like $11.99.

Stylus $129.99 - This is the worst of it I think. It's a freaking Stylus, I just got 2 of them with 4 extra tips for it for literally $10.

It's actually amazing because the Windows people keep LOLing at the Apple people for paying so much for the devices, but if you actually got a Micro$oft device, it's way the hell up there in price as well. I also don't seem to like the feel of a Surface and it's not as powerful as an actual small laptop, so I'll be passing. If I ever get the money to get a new tablet - it will be an Android because I like them better. The tablet I have now is kind of acting up and is very out of date. I may end up getting a Samsung on sale one of these days. The older ones are not that great a price after all. After all I don't need something supper powerful and a tone of storage on it. I just need something to read my books on and play a puzzle game now and then.


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