I've had an interesting thing happen today. See I use a global payment card to shop online. It's a name brand credit card that has no actual credit on it. It's linked to the bank account instead. If you don't have the money it won't go through.

Well it works by placing a "hold" on your account so you can't stack up a bunch of things and not have the money. The money on "hold" is not usable to the credit card.

Well you can actually spend the money or take it out of the bank and end up on an overdraft, but that's on you...

Anyway, the hold for an item ordered went on and now has vanished. The thing is, the payment for the item has not come out of the account. So I got not one clue why the hold is missing. This never happens. The hold lasts several days to a week after the payment comes out.

So I'm sitting here left wondering what the hell and if magically some time in the next week the payment will do through. So ya know... Being this has not happened to anyone I know, I just don't know what has happened.

All I can think is, someplace the accounting system for the item ordered thinks it's been paid and they took the hold off. I don't even know who to contact as it's a 3rd party that ships the item and it was mailed to me.

If you have had this happen, let me know what the heck to expect. Google is no help as I have no idea how to word it to not get unwanted results that have nothing to do with the situation. All I get is explanations of "holds".

Now I have had a hold come off the same day as a payment, but never before. The hold comes off only when the vendor tells your credit card company "we got paid". So ya know.

It's a $16 item, so they won't go broke - but you have to wonder, if this happens a lot with them or not. Anyway, it's strange and I will keep the money in there just in case for a few weeks. I've never had a payment that was longer than a week to come out, so we will see.


  1. I would of thought it would be the card issuer /bank you need to speak to

    1. Phoned the bank. They have no idea. They say the hold comes off only after confirmation of payment. So I still don't know.


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