Compressing the folders to upload to the cloud. 
Uploading to the cloud.

I also deleted the install folders on the 2 external drives and replaced them with the Zip files. It's not like I'm running out of space or anything close to that, it's just I want to be consistent. I also updated all the Office files from the cloud with those on the 2 hard drives. Now everything is the same and I backed up the stuff that needed to be saved from the PC as well. 

I made 200 more puzzles today for Jigsaws Galore and saved them and the install files in a Zip to the cloud and the 2 drives. This is a total of 1201 puzzles including all the free ones from their site and the ones that come with the program. I have V6 and V7 of the puzzle program. V7 does NOT save as an EXE file to send to people, so I have 6 for doing that if I desire. That being said, I have not installed 6 on this PC, just 7. When I replace the PC I'm using now I will have a pile of puzzles to do for years to come.

The dump to the cloud was 19.2 GB and took about 3 hours. I have NOT saved my music to the cloud, it's just on the hard drives. 80% of it is on Google Play so if something big happens I don't lose it all, just some of it and the stuff I really care about is on Google Play.


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