With the exception of a brief disagreement, Billy and I where like brothers. Yes I realize he was mostly full of it when he talked about all the things he did and so on, but I miss him. Once you got past the idea that he was trying to pretend he was some Radio star, he was a nice guy.

I was friends with Grant from the time I was 9 years old. It was a long lasting and close friendship. We shared a great deal of things over the many years and had a lot of great times. He was not the smartest person I knew, but he would do anything for anyone just to help. We watched TV for hours and did movie night every week for many years. Like me his family where not that great to him at times. He was my best friend for a long time. I will miss him for the rest of my days.


  1. Billy was a character for sure, always nice to me though, in general I dont get mad if people throw a fip here and there, some people cant tolerate it but as long as it is not malicious it doesnt matter to me.

    1. Yup. We all know the radio station did not exist. It made some hate him, but oh well. He was a nice guy.


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