So last night I could not sleep. I ended up nodding off at about 5:30 am and got almost no sleep at all. But this is the temperature outside at 4 am. The thing is, it was hot as hell in here and I was sweating. I could not turn the AC on as it would have frozen up I'm sure. So I sat in front of the fan and listened to music for some time then went back to bed.

It seems this building will hold the heat kind of well. The one time they changed the zone valves and left the heat OFF all night and it hit -38c that night. Well we got very cold, but it was not noticeable until around midnight when the building lost the heat it stored up from the sun.

It's an old building and more than likely has no form of insulation at all. As well the windows are not that modern and they don't hold back the heat well.

But I do have to say, this is the nicest place I have lived since I moved out on my own all them years ago. It's also the quietest. Sure there is road sounds as there is a lot of traffic around here, but hell the people are dead quiet.

In any event, I like it here and if I don't end up winning the lotto, I'll spend my days here for some time. That is unless I end up in a care home or drop dead. They check on us every day by the way, so I won't be dead for long before they find me. Anyway - Peace.


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