Purple Pastel Pusheen.
 Green Pastel Pusheen.
 Pink Pastel Pusheen.
 Fluffykins. He is kind of snooty.
 Pusheenecorn 1 - with her necklace on.
 Cool Pusheen and Cool Stormy.
 Chinese Cookie Pusheen (a bootleg).
 12 Inch Pusheen. This was a fortune when I got it as I ordered it from the USA. There where no Canadian vendors then. Had to pay exchange, big time shipping and taxes. You also see the little dog. Mom gave that to me after she came home from a trip. She had a heart attack and was air lifted to Edmonton. I could not get to her, so I was very worried and she though of me and gave me this little gift when she came home.
 Pusheenecorn 2, she guards the tissues.
 Moms bear I got her when she was in the home, Moms stuffed dog she had in her apartment, Jasmine the Cow and the real Cookie Pusheen.
This is my pre-Gund 6 inch Pusheen Plush. It's my favorite thing on earth and if I can only save one thing, it's going to be her - sorry grandma.


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