Well it's a month and a half late, but it showed up. The company asked if I wanted them to send another when I complained a few days after the expected date. I said no and they game me my $1.38 back. So it's free for the bother of taking 3 months to get here.

It said it was metal and it is. It's aluminum. It's cool though, it's coated with something that will give me cancer I'm sure. So I won't get old-timers from it. It's supposed to be water tight, but I don't desire to test it - there is an O-ring though. It's a bit loose, so got to be careful with it I guess.

It will come in handy for when I have to go out at night or to the ER or something. I always end up missing pills when that happens and take them very late. This way I can just ask for water and take them on time.

It's not that big, but it's big enough to hold my pills. Might end up tossing a couple of headache pills in there as well, just in case.

If it's going to take 3 months, I'm not recommending them to anyone though.


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