This is a recent review of the "6 inch Pusheen" Plush toy on Amazon. The thing with Amazon and toys is, you have to watch close who the seller is. Now and then they switch sellers for the item and don't seem to check on if they are good or bad sellers.

When I got Cookie Pusheen on Amazon, it ended up to be a Chinese knock off. It was a lot better quality of a knock off, but it was bootleg obviously. This one don't even look close.

Every single toy I've looked at on Amazon has the same issue, with bad reviews mixed with good reviews. There seems to have been rip-offs or not the right item in every last one I looked at.

This is why you need to click the seller name and look up how people have rated them. The seller for the Pusheen I got ended up being booted off Amazon, but the thing is - the same ones come back time and time again with a new company name. They are generally not in Canada or the USA and thus it's harder to check and a lot more easy to make a fake company up.

It's interesting that everything else I have ordered was the right item, but it seems that Toys are often not the one you think they are. That being said, I never did get my pill case I ordered. They did give my $1.38 back though.

As well I got a mask that was damaged and they refunded the money and I got to keep the damaged item. The same with bootleg Pusheen, she is sitting behind me right now.

See online shopping is not the same as going in a store and looking at an item. It's also not the same supply chain as literally anyone can claim to be selling an item and there seems to be no check to see if they are a valid vendor of the item. But it's very easy to shop online and it comes to your door.

The other thing with online is price. Sometimes the price is cray high for the item and sometimes it's crazy low for the item. An example of this was a $450 bag of chips. An example of low price was the ASA I just ordered. The company is a valid shipper of the product and the price is far less than in the store.

I get every 6 months a supply of supplements. They are often from the same company who sells them on Amazon. The price is lower than ordering from the company direct most times. It is also a vast amount less money than getting the same thing in the store in town. Hell I got 6 months of Hemp Oil for the price they wanted 2 months worth in town.

But as the toys, you have to check the quality of the seller. I almost went for a Pip (Pusheens little brother) and realized that the seller had a lot of bad ratings. Also when you see an item less then $35 with free shipping they are often NOT a valid outlet for the item and are from China (often).

This reminds me I need to go change a review for the pants I have on. At first they seemed to be OK but they are only 3 or 4 months old and are falling apart. Sigh. So yeah, now and then I end up changing a review on an item. But most of the time I'm happy with them.

I've also only had to send 2 items back for replacement and they where good enough to send a shipping label for free shipping back to Amazon in both cases. This is good as one of the items was more than likely 20 lbs. The shipping would have been a killer.

In any event, be wise and check the ratings for the sellers. As well look at the reviews, if there are a lot of almost the same review - there is something wrong. Keep your eyes open.


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