So I'm sick today, not in the standard "OMG why would you google that" kind of way - but physically sick. I have some tummy flu thing going on and I'm in level 7 pain. The good thing is, the color came back to my skin and I'm not pale white any more. The bad thing is OUCH.

So what do I do when I'm suffering and sick? Well post a bunch of blogs and edit a bunch of photos, what else would I do? Actually I'm going to sit in the easy chair for a while after this post and watch some TV and have something to eat. The last batch of food upset my tummy not nearly as much as this morning, so it's all good. The coffee on the other hand is not sitting well, but dang it COFFEE NOW.

BTW the photo is a mug I ordered for me and a guy I know, just for the LOLS. He is full on Gay and I'm Pansexual (look it up). Yes that sexuality that most people get wrong when they try to say what it is. In any event, it's been a laugh many times when people see it.

Well off to go die in the easy chair, have fun.


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