Got new shoes for under $30 as I had a coupon code. Normal price was $32 I think. They fit snug but are not tight. I way paying on average of $60 for the fancy ones I was getting and they did not last more than a year anyway - so I decided to get less expensive ones and these had a good rating. I do have to say though, the size chart is not exactly the same as usual. They fir 1/2 size smaller than normal. That being said the 13's I was getting where a but sloppy fitting but a 12 was too small, so these are just right. The come in other colors as well. I got them on Amazon BTW. The grips are not that aggressive but should do. In the winder they will be too cold, so I'll be putting my boots on anyway. So far they are not bad to walk in even though it will take time to get used to not being loose on my feet.


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