So I feel sick as in some kind of flue type bug. Yet I did a silly thing and eat heavy food. I got a poutine (and did an evil thing by putting ketchup on it) and a double Teen Burger. Now my tummy hates me bad. Sigh. I don't actually know why I thought this was a good idea, but oh well.
 I got extra onions, tomato and pickles on it as well. It was good, but yeah - not sitting well at all. I'm sipping on some ginger-ale at this moment and it's helping a little. I really should have just had some tomatoes or something, or some corn. But oh well.

I have a temperature but only just (low grade). I'm also hitting the bathroom kind of often. Headache but a slight one. It's not enough to stop me from cleaning a little. I did the bathroom almost and got the floors clean (not the carpet). I just have to clean the toilet and dust and I'm done. Oh and change the bed.

BTW had to try the ketchup thing just once. It was not right, did not suck, but was not right. So never again. Anyway, time for a nap then the dusting. Think I'll do the toilet tomorrow. Might wait to change the bed till then as well; will see how I feel after I dust.


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