So did up 2 batches of bean mix yesterday. The first one came out normal, but I seem to have added a lot more veggies to the second one that I needed. Thus this batch I'm into today is 1/2 again as much as normal. Yeah, it's veggies so not a big issue, but the portions are a bit too filling.

The strange thing is, I have about a 50/50 chance of not feeling the need to eat at all in a day and non stop hungry all day. This is caused by a medication I am taking and is kind of common. Some people just get the hungry all day part of it - so that would suck twice as bad as I have it.

The bean diet worked wonders for the time I stuck to it. If you been following this blog or watching me on YouTube, you know I been cheating a LOT this last 18 months or so. Thus the amount of weight loss has slowed down a great deal. Sure it's still a loss, but it's a 1/4 of what I lost the first year.

I do realize that at the start it always comes off quicker than in the end. It does slow down and the more you lose the harder it is to lose more. That being said, I done messed it all up with the constant junk food and processed crap food days.

One good hit of pizza and pop will mess up an entire week for me it seems. This is due to the fact I am disabled and for the most part do nothing all day but sit on my butt. So I don't work off the food I eat. The bean diet good for weight loss and still healthy.

The thing is, the medication making me hungry all day some days leads to me hitting the junk food. I know, it's ALL on me for doing this and no excuses. I'm just saying why I am doing it. OK 50% of it is I'm weak willed.

I have no idea how I stuck to it the first year I was on this diet. I just don't know. But I did some how. Oh well. Got to keep on keeping on.

Hell I feel better now than I did in years and my quality of life has improved a great deal. So if I drop dead today, at least the effort was worth it - it gave me a few years of better quality life. In the end that is all we can ask for.


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