DUDE since the last Samsung update, there have been issues with the keyboard. It is not exactly the same size for example now, so I keep hitting the wrong key and can't seem to get used to it. As well it will NOT auto-correct "cant to can't" for the life of it. I have removed "cant" from the learned words and it still won't change it by it's self. Then there is "Pusheen" I have typed this work thousands of times and it IS in the learned words both "Pusheen" and "pusheen". It will say it's not correct and then when I select it, the first word it wants to change it to is exactly what I typed and if I select the identical work from the list, it will then say it's correct. There are a couple other learned words it's doing this with as well. Sigh. What a bother. This is more than annoying since I rely on it to tell me if a word is wrong. That and well, you really have to watch what it changes words to sometimes. I mean it changed "toss" to "tits" on me one day - yes it's my fault for using that word 92,000 times, but dang "Tits it in a box and put it away" is just not the same is it? P.S. I went out of my way not use use paragraphs or proper sentience structure in this post, your welcome :) hehehe.


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