Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quickie Poem...

I have seen the sun come up threw tired eye.
I have wanted the night to never come again.
I have longed for all that is lost and all that will never be.
But the light will always shine.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

But For Now I Will Wake

It feels like the kiss of death and I don't care as I am ready for the long dark night.

The comfort of the endless time with those who have gone before me beckons.

This world of our is slowly becoming more and more like pain for the sake of pain.

I wish for peace and there is only moments not days.

Yet I feel the grip of those around me holding me to this ground.

To stay or to pass is the question and it is the most important one.

I desire the comfort of a lost loved ones embrace.

But for now I hold to this day and to the people I love on this side.

I will not go to the night, but will stay for this day.

Soon enough I will sleep, but for now I will wake.

Told To Shut Up And Nobody Was There

Years ago another person and I where painting in the basement of a building. There was literally no one else in the building but the owner. Well he took off to do some stuff and left us. We started to sing this punk song. Well we both stopped when we herd someone yell "shut the fuck up". Well no one was there but us. We both heard it though. It was also NOT the voice of the guy who owned the building. Never did figure it out. Years later I found out that a person who used to own the place dropped dead in the basement. Got to wonder.

Dinner For Three Days

Ok this was dinner, it will be dinner tomorrow. As well, it was dinner yesterday. LOL. It's a chicken breast that has been baked in the oven and then cooked up with a can of beans and a pile of mixed veggies. I put in a splash or 10 of extra hot red peeper sauce (generic brand). This ends up giving me dinner and a snack for later on at night. It seems if I don't eat about 45 min before bed, I won't sleep worth a darn. The key here is that time span. If I eat to close to bed time I will have an upset tummy and again not sleep. Well the last 2 days I have slept worth a crap anyway, but that is another story. Well time to put some more chicken in the fridge to thaw out over night. This is of course claimed to be a bad idea that leads to poisoning. I have done it for most of my life and not had a problem. Just eat it the next day and not let it sit for 2 weeks...

Are We All Crazy Now?

God I miss going for coffee almost every day. But it gives me way more time to watch vlogs and play on Facebook. I guess that is a good thing...

Thing is, when I did go out often for coffee it was just to not be alone. It's not like the conversation flowed and was fun for the both of us. That is what I don't understand in retrospect. That I did not fully realize what was happening here.

We would talk for two or three hours sometimes about his stuff - his life. But when I had something I thought important enough to share, he would literally ignore what I was saying and just start talking about his own life again.

At least once a week for a dozen years the topic of how his ex was controlling and manipulative and hurt him so bad by leaving him. The reality that he was describing himself, not his ex seemed to escape me on the top level. I did however realize deep inside that he was talking about himself. But for the sake of company, I would play the game and yet again comfort him.

After all in the mind of a narcissist, the world is doing them harm - not the other way around. This is how it always goes with them. They speak of the harm others do when the reality is they are the ones doing harm to others.

In the same light often people who are over the top crazy will often think that others are the crazy ones and speak of how they are the only one who has it together. Yes I know one of them as well... OK several people... Sigh...

Then there is this fellow I know who thinks he is a victim. He speaks over and over again how people are bullying him. The reality is they don't want anything to do with him and only speak of his crazy ass when he does something stupid or mean yet again.

I am talking to the point of going to the cops and telling that this person or that person is doing this and that. The part that the cops know this is not happening in reality never sinks into his crazy head. Yet to his mind, he is being bullied.

What the hell is my point here? I think it's that I seem to attract the wrong kind of bat shit crazy. But then again almost everyone I know is broken to some extent. The difference being that we tend to have fun with our kind of crazy. Well, that is, when we are not sad as hell or thinking we are about to die from anxiety.

Come to think of it, are there any so called normal people out there anymore? Seems to me that the world has gone mad. All kinds of violence and people killing others live on the interwebs. Not to mention all of those who will do anything for attention even if it causes then to be harmed.

We live in a world that has become one of endless victims and filled with the need to be a star... Even if it is just for a few days.

But by my own definition, am I the crazy one? After all - I see all this crazy and think I am the level headed one. The big difference here is, I think my friends are level headed as well. Maybe that fine line puts me in the category of "normal". But alas I at least know I'm broken and have spent a lot of time fixing myself.

In any event, life is good most days. Have a good one all and keep smiling.

Carlos of the Night - A Short Story

Carlos of the Night - A Short Story
David S. Nicholson
April 25, 2017

When people came to visit, him he was a mild-mannered person who verged on the tragic. Sitting in his wheel chair he attracted pity from his friends and family. They never know what he was actually about, until that one night when he got busted.

In reality he had no need for this wheel chair and was able bodied. As well he spent most of his alone time watching others every move. That is to say, he followed them on social media and every photo, video and line of text the posted he gobbled up in his insane need to know if they were talking about him.

He was not alone in his task. He had help. There was a woman that followed him like he was a man that could not be resisted. She did his every beckon call. She also followed every move that was made by the ones he stocked. Never once did she question or realize that they had no desire or care for what he was up to. Nor did they speak of him. In fact, he was a distant part of their past.

Still he looked for any hint of them speaking of him. Maybe that comment was about him? Maybe that Meme was about him. Maybe that vlog was a hidden message speaking of him. He wondered what they knew. He shuttered to think they might know his secret. So he could not leave it be and move on with his life.

The madness will never end. Even when he closes all his accounts, he is still watching from his sock accounts. Even when he pretends to be someone else, it is obvious who he really is. After all it’s all about him, in his mind anyway. Why could they just be going on with life and leaving him in the past? No, to him they are the stockers and they keep hurting him somehow.

The obvious madness is seen but all. All but his lady friend that is. Her and her moral standards that allow her to look down on all who do not follow her beliefs to the letter. She looks for anything that could be offensive to report to Carlos. All of their time spent in the pursuit of this pointless task.

The only break came when he was locked away for a time. It was for his own good. The family was concerned after all. But now he will be more careful and not give it away. The duality of personality if perfected after all. Once face for them and his true face.

Even this simple blog will be inspected word for word over and over for some hidden message. After all he can not more past it for one moment. There can be no peace of mind. There can be nothing but the hunt for what is “really going on”. You can bet on your life that there will be mention of this little bit of fiction. Or is it fiction? Perhaps it’s more real that it seems. Perhaps it’s the entire truth of the man behind the puppet.

When It Goes Wrong After You Call The Cops

So about 25 years ago, I had a run-in with this fellow out at a truck stop we used to hang out at. Well he was a dick every time I saw him for a couple of years and I do believe he was going out of his way to be places I was at.

The rub here is, he assaulted me at the same truck stop right in front of a video surveillance camera. Instead of handing him his ass, I decided to let the cops handle it. Sure it was just a shove and some harsh words, but I had enough of this fellow at this point.

So I go to the cops and tell them my story. My first clue that this was going to go no where was when the cop said, "well I know him and I don't think he would do that". Sigh.

So three months later I get a call from some other cop saying "we are dropping the case for lack of evidence". I asked what about the video tape? He had no idea what I was talking about.

Well the place like many others had a 24 hour tape and at the end it just started to record over it. Being that I had told him about the camera catching it all, you would think they would have gone out there and looked at the tape. NOPE. He literally just filed the case and did nothing about it until it was way to late.

So rather than just let this slide I typed up a letter to the editor and handed it over to the local news paper. There where some interesting responses to it as well. Several days later I got a call from the chief of police saying they where sorry this happened to me and that the cop was "disciplined".

Later I found out that nothing had happened to the cop other than he was told "don't be doing that again". If only that was the only time the cops in this city at that time let me down...

Later on (several years later) I had called in a large party at the building next to the one I was living in. Well no one showed up. So the next hour I called again. I then called every 30 minutes until the nice man at the desk told me "stop calling".

Well the next day I was talking to others in my building and they all said they had called at least twice. So why the hell did this out of control party that went till 4 am not get a visit from the cops? I will never know.

The same month of that party I phoned in to say there where kids climbing on top of our building and jumping the small path between our building and the one next to us (from roof to roof). Well two hours later someone showed up and talked to me and that was it. Being that they could have been killed, I have no idea why someone was not sent right away.

But I am happy to report that twenty some years later the cops here are a hell of a lot better at actually responding to calls and doing their job. Yes there are a couple of them that are not all that friendly when you talk with them, but for the most part they are. I am very glad that eventually the old guard was replaced with people who know how to do what they are paid to do.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why We Don't Dry Shave

And this is why we DON'T dry shave people... DANG... Think about it, this is a very good razor. If I used a Bic they would be finding my dead body in the morning... But you do get a really close shave LOL. BTW you can get a rash or an infection from doing this. Also a good idea to not share a razor with anyone. When a barber gives you a shave the razor is cleaned in a special fluid. I have been shaved with a straight razor 3 times in my life. It was the 3 best shaves I ever had. But there is no way in hell I have the ability to not harm myself using one, so I won't. My one friend shaves EVERYTHING with his. That is something I would not even think of doing. Not getting anything that easy to slice with by my unit...

And Still Got Lot's Of Butt Paper

Well still got 34 rolls of butt paper left over and it's near the end of the month. I got this stuff 2 months ago. It was on super sale, at about 30% of the normal price. So I done got a hole lot of it. Not only that I got 90 Airmiles out of the deal.

Here is the ticket. I have never in my life (when buying my own) payed full price for any kind of paper product. I'm still using a bunch of printer paper I got years ago at a liquidation sale. As well there are still 7 rolls of paper towel to the far right of this shot. When I got that I got 2 6 packs of it. It lasts me a long time so I won't be needing any for some time yet.

As for the butt paper, I will be carried threw all of next month and then some. Any who... I'm off to lay in bed and NOT sleep now... Later...

Decent Into Relaxation Playlist

1 Lagertha - Born To Be Your Queen
2 Two Steps From Hell - Glackheart
3 Last Of The Wilds - Nightwish
4 Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf
5 Nox Arcana - Scarborough Fair
6 Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful
7 Flaer Smin - Wish U Were Here
8 Enigma - I Love You , I´ll Kill You
9 Anggun - Snow On The Sahara
10 Enigma - Indian Chanting

Stuff My Friends Don't Listen To Playlist

1 Sixfingerz - Law of Nature
2 CloZee - Koto
3 Tribe Society - Kings
4 Oh Be Clever - River
5 A.T.C.R - Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Natives Remix)
6 Brother Dege - Crazy Motherfucker
7 Stephen - Sincerely
8 Conner Youngblood - The Warpath
9 Ryder - Pretty Little Gangster
10 Cruel Youth - Hatefuck

Because It's Fun Playlist

1 So alive - Love and Rockets
2 The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
3 The Breeders - Cannonball
4 Monster Magnet - Spacelord
5 Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
6 Danzig - Mother
7 Rob Zombie - Dragula
8 Rammstein - Du Hast
9 Lost Dog street band - I went down to Georgia
10 The Staves - Tired As Fuck

Music Videos I love Playlist

1 Van Canto - Black Wings Of Hate

2 Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

3 Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills

4 Skrillex & The Doors - Breakn' A Sweat

5 Nicky Romero - Toulouse

6 Awolnation - Sail

7 The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

8 Sad Kermil - Hurt

9 Toto - Africa

10 Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

Friday, April 21, 2017

That's Not Your Coffee (Random Thought)

Random photo play from the other day. Just looking back on it now my brain is saying "No kitten, that is your moms coffee".

Strange how we can look at something days later and see something completely different or have it spark a thought that it did not originally spark.

I looked at a photo the other day I have on my cabinet. It's a photo i took a long time ago with a $20 35mm camera. It's a church that is no longer there. The church where my mother used to go as a child. It was a historic site as well and was lost to age. No one took care of it and it fell down.

Anyway, I think of mom most of the time when I see it. But this time I thought about my uncle who died before I was born. Someone I obviously never met. He was a whisky runner in the 1930's and 1940's. He was much older than mom BTW. For some reason I just got thinking "I wonder if he went there or just passed on going to church"?

Anyway, I need a nap even though it's almost 7 pm and I will end up staying up too late yet again. Then again I slept till 11:20 am today. So gonna be up late anyway.

Where Did That Bruise Come From?

This is me at least once a week. Wake up in the morning and wonder where the heck that came from. I always end up getting some mark on me some place. This one is the size of my fist and is on my leg. Most of the time they are on my leg. I always have no idea where they came from.

One day I woke up and had a dinner plate sized one on my tummy off to the left side. Now how the hell does this happen in my sleep. I can see a small one popping up now and then, but you would thing something 6 inches across would wake you up... NOPE.

I don't bruise easy normally, so I don't know where it comes from.

Then again I have the tenancy to not notice pain until it gets to a certain level. So you know... I could have damaged myself a bit and not noticed...

Last 24 Hours In Photos (Not In Order)

 Woot got my nice new cross. It was $8
 And having a cup of coffee
 Fecking speakers died so headphones from now on as I am NOT spending money on new speaks that I will only use twice a week.
 I get really bored and change my desktop wallpaper often. 99% of the time it's something I made myself.
 And siting here in the reading room waiting for the washer to finish. The poor thing sounds like it's going to die, but I'm told it's the way it should sound...
 Evidently this was carved by someone who used to live here many years ago. The poor thing has not been kept up and has cracked to the point it is almost going to fall apart. It's to hold magazines.
 Well there is the laundry folder. The dang dryer I use - is one I always use. But it has this loud buzzer that I am sure you can hear in the afterlife. It never fails to scare the shit out of me. I know it's coming but it's so loud I jump.
 And it's all stuffed in my mesh laundry bag that I have had for literally 30 years. Best thing is I have not one clue where it came from. BTW I need to wash more often, this is a heavy load and if I did not use the big washer (that I did not like the sound of) I would have had to use 2 other washers. Not to mention it's heavy and it's kind of easy for me to hurt my shoulder carrying it.
OK Honest to God I went down to do the washing and these where 70% wire hangers. I took the laundry soap up to my place and came back and not one wire hanger was in the bunch. They had all been replaced by shiny new plastic ones. Being that this was at 10pm I have no idea who did it and why. LOL. BTW these have wheels on them and are used to get things back to your apartment that need to NOT be folded. There is also an iron and an ironing board we can use. Thus the need for these.

2 Blogs In 1 - Eye Ointment And Poly-Amorous Relationships

OK this was the day I went to the doctor to get my eyes looked it. They hurt kind of a lot and I have no clue what he told me it was. My memory can be toast at times.

Anyway he gave me some ointment to out in my eyes. This is actually harder than it sounds. You see I have a fear of getting anything close to my eyes. This makes it almost impossible for me to do this.

I have to hold the lower lid open with my finger then put some of the burning hell ointment in. This soon spreads to the entire eye and then my brain is telling be "DON'T put that shit in your other eye". But being that I need to get it in there, in it goes. By this time I have wasted some of the ointment of course.

But five days later I only have one more treatment to go. Thank god there is more in the tube than I need. They must know that 1/4 of it will end up on your face and not in your eye.

BTW it burns like getting lemon juice in your eyes for about 10 minutes then the feeling goes away. You are then left with a haze over the world from this stuff for the next two hours. God there should be a warning NOT to drive when you are using this.

On a different note, the nice fellow that gave me the ride to the doctors office then took me for coffee after. I spent my last $3 on coffee and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. There is always good conversation when we get together. That being him, myself and his two girlfriends. Yes I said two.

It is strange to some people but I know several people in a situation like that. One is a woman with three boyfriends all living in the same home. I literally don't care and it's only noteworthy to me as I know some people find it strange.

Personally I am 100% OK with people having open relationships or poly-amorous relationships. The fact that if I was in a relationship I would expect them to be with me and no one else is not at all the point. I am not the one who gets to decide how people find happiness and love in their lives.

You might not know but, poly-amorous relationships are on the rise in Canada and the USA. I am also in favor of making it legal to marry more than one person. Again, for me this is NOT an option. But I think if people are happy with the situation, why the hell not.

Also worth noting that most of the time when more than two people shack up like that, one or more of them ends up being alienated and leaves the relationship. So ya know... But it seems to work fine for several people that I know.

And Got My New Summer Jacket

Well this is my new summer jacket. It was $32 and since I ordered it with something else, shipping was free. I ordered one that was about $44 and it was defective, so I took it back to their store and got a refund. This one came up from the USA and fits a bit big. I could have ordered a size down and been happy with it. In fact since I continue to lose weight, I more than likely should have ordered a size down. Anyway it's a windbreaker with that kind of mesh inside that they often have. It's also very light and will compress down to fit in a glove box. It's also got a hood and is water resistant. So it will be good on rainy days. The pockets zip up but will never be zipped up. The only drawback from the last one I had was I am sure this one won't live over 25 years LOL. Yes I don't think I had any clothing item that lasted even close to as long as the last one did. I actually felt bad tossing it out. It was not worth fixing though... I think I should have ordered the red one now that I'm looking at how black this is...

Dinner Today And Tomorrow

Dinner was and will be tomorrow, Cajun chicken (roasted in my rusty roaster LOL) and a mix of beans and pasta with veggies. I made 2 containers of the pasta stuff to get rid of the rest of this low carb pasta I had. It has a chili sauce on it. The chicken is simply roasted with extra hot Cajun sauce on it.

Once you get used to having very little variety in your eating this entire save money and lose weight thing gets a lot more easy LOL.

Text Play In Paint Shop Pro (5 Examples)

 The overlay for this and the one bellow is the tile I posted in the Roaster Blog. It was set to "overlay".

My Roaster Is rusting Already (And A Nice Seamless Tile)

Well this is my roaster I got last spring. That makes it 1 year old. It's freaking rusting. OK this is the same brand that I got 20 years ago and it lasted me 20 years. Not this one...

Thing is I need a new soup pot. The last 2 I got where some $20 thing from wally world and they lasted a year and a half or two years. I was thinking of getting one from the same company as the roaster. After all I thought it was a long lived brand.

Well after noticing how dang toast the roaster is already, I am not going to spend $48 on a soup pot from them. I also do not have the money to be spending $90 or more on one that will actually last me 20 years. So, it's down to the $20 crappy one that will last a short time and toss it out.

Looks like I need a new roaster as well. I will try to find some cheep ass thing - also a smaller one than this one. I don't cook roasts anymore and cooking a chicken breast or two in this big thing is pointless. The only thing there is, I have never seen the small ones other than in a set of 3. Soooo. I will have to look for an alternative I guess.

BTW here is a seamless tile to use made from the image above. It's 990 x 990 and makes a nice texture map:

Seeing What Others Never See

In case you are wondering, that is not a leg or an arm - it's part of a chair in the reading room LOL.

There are a lot of times we miss things. We walk past something interesting of that is worthy of our attention. Even the best photographer in the world has done this.

For the most part when I take a photo it's something people will look at and not know it's there. Something that they miss altogether. I have noticed that personally I tend to like the photos of people who take photos of every day things or people. The shots make things stand out that we don't see as we are over exposed to them.

I follow a few photographers on the net on several sites and enjoy their work for just this reason. They see things that we miss. The best thing is, if your average person goes out looking to do just this - they will often fail.

I can't tell you what attracts me to the things I take photos of, all I know is if I go looking for it I will not see it. It just has to kind of happen and out comes the phone or the camera and I take the shot.

Sometimes I play with the image after to make it not as it was when I took the shot, but most of the time it's just as it was when I saw it.

One fellow I follow "Felix" takes a lot of shots of people. It's a common thing you are part of and don't see in the way he sees it. When you look at the photos they stand out and you understand what he is trying to say. A lot of them are that "alone in a crowd" kind of thing. Others are just a slice of life that we pay no attention to.

This is how we think though. When we see it, we don't notice it. When it's pointed out, we can't miss it. After all, how many times has someone been walking or driving along and the sun is setting - only to notice it when someone says "look at that"? It happens all the time. Our brain does not need much distraction for us to miss what is right in front of us.

Try some day soon to clear your mind and just look around. Don't force it, just let it happen. See if you don't realize that there are a lot of things of interest and beauty that you walk past every day. Just sit on a bench some place or in a coffee shop and look at people. See what you have not seen in the things you see all the time.

Once you see the world in this different light, it is hard to go back to the blind doldrum of every day life. Unfortunately most people are either unwilling to or unable to see the world as it can be and not as they think it is.

To Hot Or To Cold And Poker Bingo

Photo has nothing to do with this, I just want to show off my new cross.

OK we have reached that stage where if I open the window it gets cold in here. If I leave the window closed it gets very hot in here.

It's 17C outside right now. I have no idea why it gets so hot in here when the sun shines on my side of the building, but most of the buildings as old as this one are about the same for that. I have been in many that did exactly the same. Being that it's only 17 out there and it's got the temp in here to the low 30's (in c that is hot), I can only imagine how dang hot it's going to be when it is summer and the temp outside is actually 30.

This is of course why I got that air conditioner. I want to thank once again, all the people who donated. I also felt the love that they donated the money so quickly, as it was a matter of 2 or 3 hours and I had the money in place.

That reminds me, I need to get $30 out to pay for the installation and taking out of the AC unit. I also have to ask the people in charge, who do I pay the money to? I have no idea after all, as I am new here.

BTW they played "poker bingo" last night. This is an interesting game. You take a deck of cards and 4 people per table. You deal out 5 cards to each person (face up) and everyone puts a nickle in the pot. The person calling the game then draws cards and calls them out until someone has matched all 5 of their cards. This person gets all the nickles in the pot (from all tables).

Speakers Go Boom - No Good Now

Well my fancy speakers just blew up. The amp went. So they make almost no sound at all. Will be tossing them out and NOT replacing them. I use the headphones 90% of the time anyway. I might get one of them USB to Blue Tooth things and plug it in the back and start using the better blue tooth headphones. Or maybe not. The wired ones still work fine.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Guilty Pleasures Playlist

1 Utah saints - Something good
2 Prodigy - Everybody In The Place
3 Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
4 Altern 8 - E-Vapor-8
5 Beastie Boys - Sabotage
6 Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain
7 M.A.R.R.S - Pump Up The Volume
8 House Of Pain - Jump Around
9 Kris Kross - Jump
10 Right Said Fred - I`m Too Sexy

Alt New Wave Playlist

1 Company B - Fascinated
2 Animotion - Obsession
3 Missing Persons - Words
4 Gary Numan - Cars
5 Tubeway Army - Are 'friends' electric?
6 Kraftwerk - The Robots
7 Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
8 Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
9 Elvis Costello - Beautiful
10 Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

The Boom, Boom Playlist

1 Soft Cell Sex Dwarf
2 Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song
3 Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
4 George Micheal - I Want Your Sex
5 Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand
6 Franky Goes To Hollywood - Relax
7 Paul Lekakis - Boom, Boom, Boom
8 Bob Seger - Horizontal Bop
9 Sade - Sweetest Taboo
10 Tone-Loc - Wild Thing

The Correlated Oldies Playlist

1 The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun (1964)
2 Boston- More than A Feeling (1976)
3 Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son (1976)
4 Kansas - Dust In The Wind (1977)
5 Ram Jam - Black Betty (1977)
6 Journey - Dont Stop Believing (1981)
7 Phill Collins - In The Air Tonight (1981)
8 Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (1982)
9 Toto - Africa (1982)
10 Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (1983)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How A Bottle Of Pills Reminded Me How We Messed Up The First Nations People In Canada

So I'm standing there with this headache and thinking why won't it give me a second pill? So I shake it several times and nothing is coming out. Well all the sudden POOF a bunch come out. Why the hell is this the norm for getting pills out of the bottle and why does the first one always come out easy? I have have over the years seen a large sample of people trying to get headache pills out of the bottle and to the same result LOL. BTW why the hell do they have a Z on them? It's not like it's a sleep aid. Well OK for people like Mom they where. But she was like 90 lbs. Should be a little relief of some guy holding their head on it. That would work better for me. The Z just confuses the hell out of me. I ain't no pill scientist after all.

This reminds me of a woman that I used to know that in the 1940's worked as a "dispenser" in a northern reserve. I have no idea if the people where this uneducated or the government was just kind of racist at the time - but they claimed that if you gave them the entire bottle of pills, they would take them all and die. This is literally what the government man told her when she started the job. They ran a general store up there and actually would take furs on trade for credit. Most of the time a good fur run in the trapping season would allow a family to have credit for the rest of the year.

Then again at the time, people up there had almost no concept of personal property. If someone bagged a moose, they split it up among everyone. If someone needed an axe they just used the one from next door. If they had not had the time to cook a meal, they just walked into someone else's home and got fed.

To me this is actually amazing. I literally can't think of a world with no personal possessions. So her telling of her time up there are interesting. BTW almost no one smoked up there at the time unlike now where a lot of people do. They only got tobacco in to use in ritual and that was not often. Now I have know many first nation people in 50 years on earth and almost all of them smoked. So a time when almost none of them did is also strange to my mind.

All I know is that we changed who they are and took away the ideals that they had at this time. We forced them to assimilate and it ended up in reserves that are filled with crime, gangs, drugs and suicide instead of people who where happy to live together. Got to wonder, who are the "civilized people"? It gives me a lot of pause for thought.

Done cooked a bunch in advance

 This is a poor mans veggie chili. It's VERY hot with scorpion pepper flakes in it. Basically I tossed 2 cans of baked beans in the slow cooker and added in the scorpion pepper flakes and mixed veggies. Just put it on high and leave it for 3 hours. It made 3 rather filling meals. I still have 2 of them left to eat.
 This is the 3 portions of veggie chili and the rest of the pasta you see below. The pasta was a side dish for some chicken twice and is now gone. Oh and the chicken I had the next day is in the shot as well. Just kind of hit it with some hot sauce.
OK this is chili sauce pasta. Poor mans style. It's pasta with mixed veggies and discount BBQ sauce with some hot red chili mix added to it. Chili makes everything more better like :)

My 10 Most Enjoyable TV Them Song List...

1 WKRP in Cincinnati Theme
2 Cheers Theme
3 Welcome Back Kotter Theme
4 Sanford and Son - Theme
5 Barney Miller Theme
6 Night Court Theme
7 Taxi Theme
8 Hill Street Blues Theme
9 The Streets of San Francisco Theme
10 S.W.A.T. Theme

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