Download Speed Hay?

So this is a download monitor. Ever wonder why when you have fast internet why it still takes a long time to download something? This is why. A lot of sites out there don't seem to be all that stable. Not to mention this one is well - SLOW as hell. Mind you when I was doing a download of a 7GB package from a vendor (video editing package), the download was actually fast enough that I could go to the can, grab a cup of coffee and it was done not long after that.

Now then there is YouTube who will blame my ISP for being "slow during peek hours" and show me a graph that is pure bull-shit. I run a bunch of speed tests and the download speed will always come back over 170 mbps. So blow me YouTube. You lie!

I have though seen small market sites not handle it at all many times. Load stabilizing - what's that?

My ISP topps out at about 18 mbps upload speed. But there are some out there that tell you they give you 150 up or 200 up. Well thing is, even a site like YouTube with vast servers and lots of nice fancy ports to use - tops out around 56 mbps upload speed. So, ya know.


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