To Hot Or To Cold And Poker Bingo

Photo has nothing to do with this, I just want to show off my new cross.

OK we have reached that stage where if I open the window it gets cold in here. If I leave the window closed it gets very hot in here.

It's 17C outside right now. I have no idea why it gets so hot in here when the sun shines on my side of the building, but most of the buildings as old as this one are about the same for that. I have been in many that did exactly the same. Being that it's only 17 out there and it's got the temp in here to the low 30's (in c that is hot), I can only imagine how dang hot it's going to be when it is summer and the temp outside is actually 30.

This is of course why I got that air conditioner. I want to thank once again, all the people who donated. I also felt the love that they donated the money so quickly, as it was a matter of 2 or 3 hours and I had the money in place.

That reminds me, I need to get $30 out to pay for the installation and taking out of the AC unit. I also have to ask the people in charge, who do I pay the money to? I have no idea after all, as I am new here.

BTW they played "poker bingo" last night. This is an interesting game. You take a deck of cards and 4 people per table. You deal out 5 cards to each person (face up) and everyone puts a nickle in the pot. The person calling the game then draws cards and calls them out until someone has matched all 5 of their cards. This person gets all the nickles in the pot (from all tables).


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