That's Not Your Coffee (Random Thought)

Random photo play from the other day. Just looking back on it now my brain is saying "No kitten, that is your moms coffee".

Strange how we can look at something days later and see something completely different or have it spark a thought that it did not originally spark.

I looked at a photo the other day I have on my cabinet. It's a photo i took a long time ago with a $20 35mm camera. It's a church that is no longer there. The church where my mother used to go as a child. It was a historic site as well and was lost to age. No one took care of it and it fell down.

Anyway, I think of mom most of the time when I see it. But this time I thought about my uncle who died before I was born. Someone I obviously never met. He was a whisky runner in the 1930's and 1940's. He was much older than mom BTW. For some reason I just got thinking "I wonder if he went there or just passed on going to church"?

Anyway, I need a nap even though it's almost 7 pm and I will end up staying up too late yet again. Then again I slept till 11:20 am today. So gonna be up late anyway.


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