The If Then List

The If Then List
David S Nicholson

If you see a lot of people want to fight, then you are looking at yourself.
If there is always some kind of conflict no matter how hard you try to avoid it, then you are looking for it deep down inside.
If you need to be known, then you don't know yourself.
If you need to feel some kind of power in your life, then you fear being yourself most of all.
If you think others see you as ugly, then you think you are ugly.
If you think being a man means you have to always be ready for violence, then you are nowhere close to being a man.
If the thought of giving your life for others is too much to ask, then you do not deserve to be free.
If you need to prove you are in control, then you never will be.
If you always have to win, then you will always fail.
If you like to hurt others, then you must hate yourself.
If you think I am talking about you with this list, then you need help.


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