Renegade Hay?

I get the idea, everyone now wants to think they are counterculture and on some free level of existence and NOT a pawn to the system. But like this advert, the majority of them are followers and NOT leaders. After all nothing says Renegade like having on expensive up to the minute fashions and drinking coffee you get from a mega-corporation.

You know what would actually be counterculture? Going to a Mom and Pop coffee shop and enjoying a fresh cup of whatever for less money than you paid this multi-national corp. for. There is a good chance that the coffee will be better and you will be putting food on the table of a local family and not in the pocket of some far off billionaire.

Every last free thinker I know loves coffee but will never spend a dime at Starbucks. They will however sit in a truck stop some place for 4 hours having a bottomless cup of coffee for $2.25 and a slice or 3 of garlic toast while talking to other free thinkers. Or they will go sit alone and watch people at the local coffee shop and have a high end cup while listening to Blues Tunes on their Android phone (Notice it's NOT an iPhone)...

I am talking about the kind of people who tend to have more books than "fiends" on Facebook. The kind that by the time they got out of high school had already read 100 books or more (and not just the ones they made you read).

But then again I am also talking about people who fix their own computer and know how to check the oil in their car. But oh well... There is a reason most people fall for this, they desire freedom from the system and can't pull themselves away from it. Have a good one and go read some Poe or something...

(ME at a Mom and Pop coffee shop)...


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