And Got My New Summer Jacket

Well this is my new summer jacket. It was $32 and since I ordered it with something else, shipping was free. I ordered one that was about $44 and it was defective, so I took it back to their store and got a refund. This one came up from the USA and fits a bit big. I could have ordered a size down and been happy with it. In fact since I continue to lose weight, I more than likely should have ordered a size down. Anyway it's a windbreaker with that kind of mesh inside that they often have. It's also very light and will compress down to fit in a glove box. It's also got a hood and is water resistant. So it will be good on rainy days. The pockets zip up but will never be zipped up. The only drawback from the last one I had was I am sure this one won't live over 25 years LOL. Yes I don't think I had any clothing item that lasted even close to as long as the last one did. I actually felt bad tossing it out. It was not worth fixing though... I think I should have ordered the red one now that I'm looking at how black this is...


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