Just A LOL At Windows 10

 First thing I did when I realized that the latest and newest version of 10 was working (sort of) was to clean off the old files. Now the disk cleaner will do this for you and you CAN'T do it yourself. I just noticed that the LOG FILES for the install of the new version where massive. These are text files after all. So I am wondering how the hell many there are and how the hell long they are LOL.
Now I was looking for something completely unrelated to this, but I saw it and thought "WTF"? So I looked it up and there is a valid reason for this strange name. BUT you got to wonder about the logic of having a folder names "Install_Clap" on the hard drive. Albee it you have to go out of your way to even find this - the name almost made me spit my coffee out laughing. I suppose is you don't know what "the clap" is, this will be not at all funny to you.

Another lol (getting back to drive cleaner) is that there was 112 mb of crap in Windows Defender - being that I have literally never used the app and instead use a real antivirus... It makes me wonder how it all got there. BTW I had cleaned it out before, so it seems to have gathered it since then even though when you install something else - Defender is supposed to be turned off. Guess it's not...


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