Last 24 Hours In Photos (Not In Order)

 Woot got my nice new cross. It was $8
 And having a cup of coffee
 Fecking speakers died so headphones from now on as I am NOT spending money on new speaks that I will only use twice a week.
 I get really bored and change my desktop wallpaper often. 99% of the time it's something I made myself.
 And siting here in the reading room waiting for the washer to finish. The poor thing sounds like it's going to die, but I'm told it's the way it should sound...
 Evidently this was carved by someone who used to live here many years ago. The poor thing has not been kept up and has cracked to the point it is almost going to fall apart. It's to hold magazines.
 Well there is the laundry folder. The dang dryer I use - is one I always use. But it has this loud buzzer that I am sure you can hear in the afterlife. It never fails to scare the shit out of me. I know it's coming but it's so loud I jump.
 And it's all stuffed in my mesh laundry bag that I have had for literally 30 years. Best thing is I have not one clue where it came from. BTW I need to wash more often, this is a heavy load and if I did not use the big washer (that I did not like the sound of) I would have had to use 2 other washers. Not to mention it's heavy and it's kind of easy for me to hurt my shoulder carrying it.
OK Honest to God I went down to do the washing and these where 70% wire hangers. I took the laundry soap up to my place and came back and not one wire hanger was in the bunch. They had all been replaced by shiny new plastic ones. Being that this was at 10pm I have no idea who did it and why. LOL. BTW these have wheels on them and are used to get things back to your apartment that need to NOT be folded. There is also an iron and an ironing board we can use. Thus the need for these.


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